Congratulations to the 2016 Shrimp Festival Winners:


BEST OF  SHOW:  Tom Sullivan  ( Wood)  

1st Place:  Robert Goodlett   (Oils)   2nd Place:  John Kellum  (Ceramics)   

3rd Place:  Sandy Lent  (jewelry)

The following individuals were recipients of the judges’ Best in Category awards:

{Photos coming shortly)

Oils – Christine Schubs

Acrylics- Danny O’Driscoll

Watercolors – Bob Osborne

Jewelry –Don & Serena David

Glass & Metal – Bill & John Slade

Photography – Steve Nesius

Fiber, Wood & Leather – Ray Jones

Ceramics – Glen Woods

Mixed Media/ Printmaking – John Furches

Awards of Merit were presented to the following artists:

(Photos coming shortly)

Serge Bojan – Jewelry

Nels Johnson – Photography

Tony Krysinsky – Mixed Media

David Leach – Photography

 Suzanne Bellows – Mixed Media

Bill Billingsly  – Oils

Sergei  Orgunov – Oils

Chris Jones – Ceramics

Leslie Peebles – Printmaking

Kate Carney – Oils