Photography Workshops with Michael Spicer

 Michael Spicer, an environmental fine art photographer and teacher, is offering the following Photography Workshops at the Island Art Association Education Center:

Monday July 31 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on learning how to use digital and phone cameras
Saturday August 5th from 9:30 to noon on the Fundamentals of Photography
Monday August 7th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on Composition and Light.

Each class will be limited to 10 attendees and cost will be $45 each. If you decide at the beginning to sign up for all 3 classes then the cost will be $120.

Additional information about the workshops and registration details is available at Seats will be confirmed after payment is received on a first come basis.

Please contact Michael by email if you have questions or if you’d like to register at ten.h1500713525tuosl1500713525leb@y1500713525rella1500713525gotoh1500713525p1500713525.


Palette Knife Painting with Sally Cummings Shisler, Contemporary Impressionist

August 9 - 12, 2017.  9 AM until 5 PM, Lunch 12:30- 1:30,

 $400 for workshop, (Add $150 if you would like all materials to be provided.)

To register, contact Sally by e-mail at moc.l1500713525iamg@1500713525tsitr1500713525aefin1500713525kette1500713525lap.y1500713525llas1500713525

Palette Knife Painting: This workshop is about exploring the excitement and passion of palette knife painting. We will use photo references of landscape; floral/still life and portrait subject matter to learn how to apply paint with a knife. Through demonstration, I will introduce you to different knife sizes, stroke shapes and directions, textures, lost and found edges, etc. Students will practice painting with a full range of shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger motion in order to discover all the possibilities. Pre-mixed color palettes will be used to allow clean, decisive paint application. The majority of study will be on canvas and/or gesso-board. Sizes range from 9x12 - 18x24. No previous palette knife experience is required. 

  Sally is recognized as a painter with a unique ability to create vibrant, color rich paintings exclusively with palette knives. Her work is widely collected across the world. In 2014, she authored and published a book called "Palette Knife Paintings of the Figure from My First Blog". Sally teaches workshops and private instruction both in the Orlando area (where she lives) and in other locations around the country. She continues to receive accolades, not only for her uniquely beautiful paintings, but also for her positive and encouraging ways with students. 

 Materials list

Winton or Georgian Oils - (225 or 200mls)
• Soft mixing white
• French ultramarine blue
• Cerulean blue
• Cadmium yellow light
• Yellow ochre
• Cadmium red
• Alizarin crimson
• Sap/olive green
• Flesh
• Burnt sienna

Palette Knives:
• Variety of palette knives

Color Mixing Palettes:
• One 11x17" glass poster frame (or equivalent, as long as you have PLENTY of room to mix)

• Poppy seed oil or walnut oil and a small spray bottle to put the oil into

Painting Surface:
• Canvas boards; two each of the following sizes: 16x20; 12x16; 11x14; and 9x12.

Clean Up:
• 5 paper towel rolls or cloth rags

• Gloves (a must have because if you're truly painting the technique, there will be messy hands!) 


Pastel Painting Techniques Workshop with Lorraine Potocki

September 8 & 9, 2017,  10 AM-4 PM, $245

See what the buzz about pastels is all about and how much fun they can be. Learn pastel painting techniques using hard and soft pastels. This is a workshop for beginners to intermediate pastelists with a lot of individualized attention. You’ll learn the basics and how to take your pastel painting to its next level. We’ll work on composition, values, the use of cool and warm colors, under painting and much more. You’ll learn how to do representational painting as well as abstract. Bring a photo reference of what you’d like to paint. I will also have many you can choose from. Demonstrations and constructive critiques both days. It will really help you change the way you see the world. A materials list will be provided upon registration via PayPal on my website (under workshops)

d76dd838f0793b4f472500c2c5cd85f9c14a9c69cfaaff41a99f71bed4ab3ca7 Student Testimonials: “I attended Lorraine’s introductory class as a “newbie”, with no background in pastels and only the barest understanding of painting. Her class went well beyond pastels, helping me understand basics around composition, drawing and color in a very relaxed and fun environment. Her knowledge applied to all levels in the class, and although everybody had different experiences, her approach allowed us to also learn from each other. Lorraine’s love of art inspired me to release my creative side and her instruction gave me a glimpse of the tips and tricks of the trade. I can’t wait to continue exploring the medium and will be sitting in her class again soon.” --Caroline, Jacksonville Beach, FL“This was one of the best two-day workshops I’ve ever done. The exercises in abstracting were so valuable for someone who has trouble “loosening up”. --Linda, Fernandina Beach, FL

Oil and Acrylic Painting, with Elio Camacho

October 25-27 – 9 to 4 PM – Still Life Workshop - $345


October 28 and 29– 9 to 4 PM – Plein Air Workshop - $275   (Or take both workshops for $550.) 

November 1 -3 – 9 to 4 PM – Still Life Workshop - $345

Learn to express yourself in a bold and colorful way with California expressionist Elio Camacho.

elioc"As a painting instructor, my mission is to provide students with the foundation necessary to be creative. My goal is to assist students in capturing the particular mood of the moment and to express themselves in a bold and colorful way. My workshops are very hands-on with an emphasis on easel-side critiques. I believe that giving instruction is important, but showing students how this instruction applies to their individual work is crucial. Based on the student’s level and goals, I develop and program based on each individual’s ability as a painter.” To register, go to Elio's website, and pay the $100 required deposit.Final Payment due at workshop.

Clay Monoprints with Mitch Lyons

January  19 & 20, 2018,  10AM - 4 PM,  $225 for Members,   $250 for non-members


CLAYPRINTING PROCESSmlyons_red and green checkers on yellow_21x26_monoprint on canvas

The matrix I use is a wet slab of clay. Wet colored clay slips and wet colored clays are used as my “inks”. They are applied to the wet slab, one color over another until the clay is leather-hard. A dampened substrate is placed over the slab and rolled with a wooden rolling pin [my press]. The pressure from the rolling pin pulls a thin layer of clay from the slab. Many monoprints can be pulled without recharging the slab. Get ready to use clay in a very different way.  Students can pay their fee to Mitch directly by calling his cell, (302-545-4839), to give him their credit card info, or send a check to Mitch Lyons, PO Box 40, New London, PA 19360.  To learn more, visit

Watercolor Workshops with Cedar Kindy

January 26 & 27, 2018 and/or April 13 & 14, 2018

More information to follow




Paper Painting Collage Workshop with Elizabeth St. Hilaire


May 17-19, 2018.  10 AM until 4 PM,   $395

To Register, go to


 Students are taught a unique gurative collage style and will explore hand painting their own papers with a variety of techniques. Class participants will truly enjoy splattering, stamping, printing, dry brushing, crumpling and staining papers. Appropriate papers include old book pages, maps, personal ephemera, rice paper and store bought art papers. Hand painted papers will then be applied overtop an under-painting (done at home as class preparation) in a painterly manner. Collage application will be demonstrated through viewing slides of St. Hilaire’s work as well as a hands-on demonstration in class.The emphasis will be on developing form using light, shadow, and directional ripping, very similar to traditional painting techniques. No prior collage experience is necessary. Some painting would be helpful, but not imperative. Students start with the “Small Apple Exercise” in order to get a handle on creating volume and dimension with a simple sphere shape. After completion of the “Small Apple Exercise” students will advance to a second subject of their choosing (time permitting).  Elizabeth brings along a suitcase full of tools to share! BE PREPARED TO HAVE SOME FUN!  




Other Offerings

Free Children’s Art: Free guided activities provided by local artists for school age children. You must register for each session individually by calling the IAA gallery at 904-261-7020 or signing up in person at the gallery desk. Classes meet from 11:15 AM until 12:30 PM on the following Saturdays:  July 22, August 26, September 23, October 21, November 25 and December 16, 2017.  There is also a morning camp during the week of July 17-21.  Please call the IAA gallery to check on space availability.

Portrait Group: Come join other artists in creating art with the benefit of a live model. Just $5 to participate. No advanced registration required. There is no instruction but plenty of positive support from fellow artists.  SESSIONS WILL RESUME IN THE FALL. For more information, call Paul Massing at 904- 321-0738.

Photography Interest Group: Free to the public. Come see demonstrations, technical presentations and a monthly critique (show and tell)of photographers’ work. The group usually meets at 7 pm on the 4th Thursday of the month in the Art Education Center.  For more information, Contact Pat Hooks at ten.t1500713525sacmo1500713525c@11h1500713525tap1500713525 or 904-277-2595.

Tuesday Afternoon Open Studio: This is a chance to to participate in a drop-in studio group. Bring your own supplies and work with other artists. There is no formal instruction, just artist friends supporting and mentoring each other. Tuesdays 1 pm until 5 pm. $5 fee. Contact Mary Quinlan at 904-321-0112 or moc.l1500713525iamg@15007135250505q1500713525cam1500713525.

Thursday Morning Open Studio: Bring your own supplies and work in a supportive atmosphere with other artists. Thursdays 9 am until noon. Fee is $5. For more information, contact Gretchen Williams at 904-491-3171 or at ten.t1500713525ta@wh1500713525cterg1500713525.

Thursday Afternoon Open Studio: This is another opportunity to bring your own supplies and paint with a group. Thursdays from 1 pm until 5 pm, $10 a month. Contact Jean Riley at 904-261-5471 or at ten.h1500713525tuosl1500713525leb@t1500713525sudra1500713525tsyel1500713525ir1500713525