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2021 Call for Artists

CALLING ALL Nassau County, Florida Resident ARTISTS – Jewelers, ceramic artists, mixed media artists, painters, sculptors, photographers – 2D & 3D original artists

In this time of Covid we will strive to maintain safety protocols – virtual interviews, electronic application and image submission as well as social distancing and mask wearing at all in-person events.

The Island Art Association is issuing a CALL FOR NEW EXHIBITING ARTISTS.

The IAA is a volunteer, non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to develop and sustain an interest and appreciation of the Arts of Nassau County, FL. 

The Island Art Association is looking for interested applicants who wish to 

participate in a vibrant art community that supports

  • Varied and exciting workshops
  • Gallery Operations and Education Center Activities such as
  • The Annual Shrimp Festival
  • Art for children and students 
  • The fellowship and support of fellow artists 
  • Displaying and selling your original artwork

The Island Art Association will convene a jury in 2021 for the purpose of jurying the artwork of interested members for admission as new Exhibiting Members of the Island Art Association.  The gallery committee will form a panel to jury applicants’ works based on the basic standards of Fine Art such as:

Composition           Principles of Design Demonstrated Skill/Technique  

Design Talent Originality Professional Presentation

Overall presentation of the artwork is considered for acceptance. All 2D and 3D mediums listed in the Operations Manual (section 3.3.5) will be considered for acceptance.

Applicants will be contacted by email from the gallery director or designee for an interview appointment.  The purpose of the interview is threefold:

  1. To introduce prospective applicants to at least one Exhibiting member
  2. To review the requirements of Exhibiting membership and the process for the jury event
  3. To answer questions the applicant may have about membership and the jury event.  

It is important for each applicant and the IAA to know they can comply with the requirements necessary to be an Exhibiting Member in good standing as defined in Chapters Two and Three of the Operations Manual. The Island Art Association is a cooperative gallery requiring participation, so inability or unwillingness to comply with gallery requirements will nullify an application. For a complete understanding of the process and the requirements of being an Exhibiting Artist and for entry requirements to be juried, please read Chapters Two and Three thoroughly before applying. An online copy is available on our website at islandart.org. Go to “Member Information”; then click on “IAA Operations Manual.” No other preparation is necessary for the interview. 

Eligibility requirements for applicants:

  • IAA Membership in good standing (supporting/associate/family or college) 
  • At  least 18 years old.
  • A resident of Nassau County Florida.

We welcome your application to be an IAA Exhibiting Artist.

Click here to apply as a new exhibiting artist


If you are currently an exhibiting member wishing to be juried in a new medium, click here for information.