Ana Diaz

About the artist:

Ana was born and raised in Costa Rica.  She first started with drawing, oil techniques and eventually transitioned into pastels, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media.

In 1992 Ana moved to Miami, Florida with her husband and two children and continued to paint as a hobby.  In 1997 her watercolor paintings won awards at the Miami Water Color Society.  Then in 2014, Ana and her husband retired and relocated to Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Ana’s current work focuses on acrylic technique.  For her, painting is a means of expression.  She wants to convey and share, through her muted color choice of palette, her journey across the peaceful, breathtaking scenes of the marshlands on Amelia Island.  Her style is representational, moving towards abstraction.  She prefers simple and minimal composition; less is more.  Her

desire is to catch a spark of light behind trees or the shadows cast and she prefers unusual still life subjects to paint.  Although she enjoys painting in the comfort of her studio, she is ready to venture more into plein air painting.

She continues to grow and learn through workshops at the IAA where she is an active member and volunteer.