Gwen Cowart


Gwen works in multiple media. She currently is focusing on  the modern version of the art of metal embossing, recycled tin, and fabric collage.  This technique goes by other names, such as repujado in Spanish or repoussé in French.

Her embossing work essentially creates three dimensional designs in pliable metal sheet (pewter, copper, aluminum) using hand tools to apply depth and texture by high and low relief raising, embossing, and engraving. To further enhance each piece she uses various techniques on the embossed metal surface ranging from patinas, paint, encaustic, openwork, gilding, and mixed media. The soft metal embossed sheets are then filled from the back to provide a solid foundation and adhered to a board to provide the necessary structure for framing.

She also utilizes encaustic waxes, and creates collages from repurposed tin and fabric.

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