Joe Winston

Joe Winston has been a studio potter living in Fernandina since 1994.
He can be contacted thru the IAA Gallery.

Trained in industrial design, the textures and colors of Winston’s pieces are a far cry from the polished straight lines and perfect fit of the consumer electronics he designed for 35 years.Winston retired two decades ago, but he’s always kept his hands in the clay. Before computer models, designers used clay to develop product concepts, and Winston kept a small pottery studio at his home.For the past 16 years, Winston has experimented with porcelain clay, which when liquid can be used as paint to achieve spectacular effects. His vessel making process involves rolling out the clay, shaping it over bowls and roughening the surface with textured paddles. The clay exterior is left raw, or coated in a bronze glaze.

Inside the vessels Winston “paints” with thin slices of wet porcelain squeezed through an extruder. Once fired, the porcelain creates a brilliant flower-like effect similar to millefiori glasswork or beads.

“In my mind it’s a painting,” says Winston.