Marilyn Eflein


Marilyn is a fine artist who shared her talent and joy in art for thirty-eight years at Fernandina Beach High School where she taught arts and crafts.  A “Nassau County Teacher of the Year”,  she founded the county school art exhibit as a feature of Fernandina’s annual Shrimp Festival and, in 2005, the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival was dedicated in her  honor  recognizing her endeavors.  Additionally, she has received the “Career Service Award” from the Florida Art Education Association and the “Arts Education Leadership Award” from the Florida Alliance for Arts Education.  Reflecting on her creative growth, Marilyn’s style of art has evolved and changed throughout her career.  Early work favored oils painted in an expressionist manner; later she turned to watercolors and drawings with a more realistic approach.  Currently, regional scenes of Amelia Island with its waterfront, beaches, surrounding marshlands and local points of interest flow from her mind’s eye creating her own unique technique.  She takes pleasure in portraying“genre” scenes—-the ordinary, daily life that we sometimes take for  granted, but actually makes our lives more complete and satisfying.  Loving the spontaneous, fluid medium of watercolor and the demanding meticulousness of graphics, Marilyn doesn’t like to do the same composition more than once.  She believes the collector is entitled to a true “original”.  Therefore, there are rarely any prints made from her work! A genuine Florida Native—born in Orlando, FL and living in Fernandina since she was four, Marilyn received her Master’s Degree from the University of Florida. She is the widow of Dale A. Eflein and a  Charter Member of the Island  Art Association where her works are exhibited.