Application & Jurying Information for New and Currently Exhibiting IAA Members

The Island Art Association will convene a jury for the purpose of jurying the artwork of Associate Members desiring to become exhibiting members in the gallery. Current Exhibiting Members of the Island Art Association may also apply to show additional medium other than those than currently approved. The jury will convene on Jan. 6-7, 2019 for the purpose of selecting artists for such admission.

The gallery committee will form a panel to jury current member applicants’ works. The panel of jurors will evaluate work based on the basic standards of Fine Art such as Composition, Principals of Design,  Elements of Design, Skill, Talent, Originality, Professional and Presentation.

Overall presentation of all 2D and 3D mediums listed in the Operations Manual (section 3.3.5) will be considered for acceptance.

Each applicant should understand that current members must use their current space to exhibit all mediums for which they are accepted. Only jewelers will be allowed additional wall space – as there is room – for two 2D pieces and/or two 3D pieces per person. Applicants must be an Exhibiting Member in good standing as defined in Chapter Three of the Operations Manual that is included in the information below.

If you are interested in applying to become an exhibiting member: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION.

If you are already an exhibiting member who wishes to apply to show a new medium, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION.

Return the completed form to the gallery where a folder will be provided for the completed forms at the front desk. The deadline for applying is Dec. 10, 2018 at end of business day, 5:00 pm ET.  Emailed or online applications will not be accepted. Please take your application to the IAA front desk or mail it to Lis Krawiecki, 4940 Victoria Landing Court, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Requirements for Exhibiting  Artists as stated in the Operations Manual

Section 3.2 – Exhibiting Artists. All exhibiting artists must be a legal resident of Nassau County, FL, 18 years or older,  and a member of IAA in good standing.

Section 3.2.1 – Exhibiting Artists are juried into the gallery under a specific category. Work displayed in the gallery will not contain content that is abusive or violent in nature, pornographic, or that advances hate messages.

Section 3.2.2 – An accountability statement is to be signed each year at the time of Annual Dues payment. “I verify that the work I submit to the gallery is my own original work and not copied from other sources. I agree to abide by the Bylaws and Operating Manu- al of the Island Art Association. It is my responsibility to be aware of changes that are made periodically.”

Section 3.2.3 – To be in good standing as noted in Section 3.2, exhibiting artist must comply with the following requirements:

a. Pay exhibiting member dues.

b. Sign an Accountability statement each year.

c. Meet monthly minimum work obligations of a full shift at the sales desk.

d. Participate actively on Association and Shrimp Festival Committees. Work hours must be recorded in the Volunteer Work Hours notebook in order to provide the Association’s accountability as a non-profit organization.

e. Maintain accurate inventory records of artwork on display in the gallery.

f. Follow rules and procedures as outlined in this Operating Manual.

g. Attend mandatory meetings, committee meetings, and training sessions.

h. Help to foster a positive cooperative spirit in the mission of the Art Association.

Failure to comply with the above stated requirement will result in the loss of exhibiting artist privileges.

Section 3.2.4 – An exhibiting member who has been an active, long term member for a minimum of 12 years, and in good standing, may request to be relieved of work shifts and committee responsibilities due to limiting circumstances such a health or immobility. The exhibiting member will make a request of the Gallery Director and be approved by the BOD for a period of not more than two years with the understanding they will never return to full time exhibiting membership. The Limited Exhibiting Member will pay the same annual dues and commission and be able to display two works of art in the Gallery.