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Nouveau Art

Congratulations to the Winners of the
Nouveau Art Show, "The Big Show"

Best of Show – Walter Cartategui – Gathering by the Sea
1st Place – Jorah Mitchell – The Peaceful Dungeness
2nd Place – Tracie Aiken – Opening Day
3rd Place – Walter Bridges – Pelican Majestic
Honorable Mention
Ana Diaz – Change of Season
Lis Krawiecki – Totemic
Lisa Williams –  Amelia Shoreline
Trish Jones – Peaches on the Tablecloth

Nouveau Art Future Events

Feb. 2023, Members’ Show “Anything Goes”, Receiving Feb.7 ; Reception Feb.11; Pick Up Mar.4 & 5,
Chair Karen Trowbridge

March 2023, Student Show,  Receiving Mar. 10 & 11, Pick Up April 1 & 2, Chair Camille Breen 

April/May 2023, “Shrimply the Best”, Receiving April 4; Reception April 8
Chair Diane Withrow

June/July 2023, “Wild Thang”, Receiving June 6; Reception June 10;
Chair Eva Gotz

Aug/Sep 2023, “Stormy Weather”, Receiving Aug.1, Reception Aug.12, Chair Diane Withrow

Oct/Nov 2023, “Golden Hour”, Receiving Oct.3, Reception Oct.14, Chair Pat Batchelor

Dec/Jan 2023-24, “Evergreen”, Receiving Dec.5, Reception Dec.9, Chair Georganna Mullis

Feb, 2024, “Go Beyond”, Member Show, Receiving Feb.6, Reception Feb.10, Chair Chris McCall

Mar. 2024, Student Show, Receiving TBD, Reception TBD, Chair Camille Breen

Apr/May 2024, “Close Up”, Receiving Apr.2, Reception Apr.13, Chair Bill McKenna

Jun/Jul 2024, “The Big Show”, Receiving June 4, Reception June 8, Chair Alice Henry