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Nouveau Art

Nouveau Art Show: “Close Up”


Best of Show – Susan Kerns – Peony
1st Place – Deb Ahern – Love My Low Country 
2nd Place –  Tracie Aiken – Orange Zinnia #2
3rd Place – Suzanne Bachelor – Eyewitness 
Honorable Mentions –
Frank Lawler – Red Marsh
Debra Greetis – Bee and Thistle 
Lee Koziol – Eye of Nebula
Chris Skye Schneider – Close Up

Nouveau Art Future Events


Apr/May 2024, “Close Up”, Receiving Apr.9, Reception Apr.13, Chair Bill McKenna, Pickup Jun.2-3

Jun/Jul 2024, “The Big Show”, Receiving June 4, Reception June 8, Georganna Mullis, Pickup Aug.4-5

Aug/Sep 2024, Photography, Receiving Aug.6, Reception Aug.10,  Chair TBD, Pickup Sep.29-30

October/November –  “Keep It Cool”. Receiving October 1. Reception October 12. Pick up December 1-2. Chair Diane Withrow.   

December/January –  “Whimsical VIsions”. Receiving December 3. Reception December 14. Pick up February 2-3. Chair Diane Hamburg. 


February –  MEMBER SHOW. Receiving February 4. Reception February 8. Pick up TBD. Chair Alice Henry. 

March –  STUDENT SHOW. Receiving TBD. Reception TBD. Pick up TBD. Chair Camille Breen. 

April/May –  “Wild and Wonderful”. Receiving April 1. Reception April 12. Pick up June 1-2. Chair Nina Daniel Mills. 

June/July  –  “The Big Show”. Receiving June 3. Reception June 14. Pick up August 3-4. Chair Bill McKenna. 

August/September –  “In the Wind”. Receiving August 5. Reception August 9. Pick up October 5-6. Chair Karen Trowbridge.