New to the gallery in 2022, Breck is truly enjoying getting immersed in the wonderful arts community here on Amelia Island. Having been juried into the Island Art Association this year as an exhibiting member, he is having a left brain meets right moment. Breck retired last year from his left-brain world as a chief technology officer and is now taking the time to embrace his right-brain creative side as an art photographer. His first photo contest on island netted him having one of his photos chosen for the cover of a what to do on Amelia Island book.

Breck’s father gave him his first real camera, an AGFA 35mm film camera, when he was 8 years old living in Hawai’i. He still has that camera from six decades ago. That kickstarted more than fifty years of capturing hundreds of thousands of images of interesting places, events, and subjects along the way. During his time in tech, Breck was very fortunate to have worked a role at Apple during collaborations with Kodak and Adobe on the development of early digital cameras, images, and image processing software some 30 plus years ago. Though still shooting film as a lighting director behind the scenes for the 1996 Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, Breck soon migrated fully to digital imagery as the quality finally began to equal that of 35mm film cameras.

Much of Breck’s art photography focus, and what he most enjoys sharing, is nature’s brilliance as well as places and those unique moments in time that pass us by, or we may not notice happening right in front of our eyes. He takes his photography to places around the corner, as well as across the globe. Most of his work is done using only natural light, with a painterly eye looking for that magical interplay of light & shadow plus color, texture, and composition to accentuate a subject. His goal is trying to craft images that either spark joy, curiosity, fascination, or evoke a fond recollection of a particular place or time.

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