ARTIST STATEMENT: I am an artist drawn to the beauty but also to the potential in the world around me. I see in the mundane the vision of what could become. I use my craft to capture the beauty of nature by transforming base materials into art. Nowhere is this transformation more apparent than in the translucence, fluidity, and elemental nature of glass. While the interplay of color and light in the glass appeals to my artistic eye, it is the texture, movement and interplay of these colors and textures that informs my artwork. In this way, I bring my vision into the three-dimensional space of the viewer and achieve that delicate balance of skillful technique and creativity. Color, texture and the juxtaposition of light is what makes glass art so compelling and alluring for me. It appeals to my creative urges, and calls me to the kiln for that next new exciting work that will emerge.

While I mainly work with the media of glass, I am also a mosaic artist. My glass art borrows heavily from my early foundation in fiber art; particularly with a woven technique that allows glass to simulate the texture and draping of textiles. My mosaics are expressed using a variety of tessera including glass, tile, clay and found objects.

Denise is an award-winning glass artist and recipient of the Community Foundation for Northeast Florida Art Ventures Grant. She currently resides and works on Amelia Island, Florida.

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