DIANE HAMBURG, Mixed Media Fiber Artist

From the humble beginnings of the hand embroidery and machine stitching of a child, Diane moved onto traditional quilting which further developed into art quilting. Following her increasing love of nature, Diane began experimenting with a technique referred to as contact or eco printing and the photogragher’s technique using cyanotype chemicals. The result of these techniques never fails to delight. With eco printing, leaves, flowers, seeds and/or stems that are used will leave behind colors, shapes and marks. Plant material is placed on the fabric/paper, bundled up tight, then steamed or boiled. Once unbundled, the magic of nature is revealed. With cyanoprinting, the chemicals are painted on fabric, sprayed with vinegar water, sprinkled with spices, leaves, etc place on top and covered with glass. Then the sun does it’s magic. Diane then creates wall hangings, purses, pouches, journals, and scarves using these beautiful fabrics and paper. Her hand stitching has become a vital part of Diane’s latest creations, her meditative practice. Her wish is for viewers to return to nature and simplicity.

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