Dulcy has always had a fascination for beads and beadwork.  It wasn’t until 2006, however, that she found a friend who was proficient in bead weaving.  That friend invited her to a meeting of the Baltimore Bead Society and the rest is history.  While living in Maryland and working in the field of education, in her spare time, she took classes in bead weaving offered by the bead society and experts that were guests of that group.  That eventually led to traveling to bead shows in Philadelphia, Santa Fe, and Minneapolis, continuing to learn the variety of bead stitches included in bead weaving.  She expanded her skill set by learning bead embroidery and has recently gravitated toward that form of beadwork.  She has learned from experts such as Sherry Serafini, Melanie Potter, Marcia DeCoster, and Melanie DeMiguel,  to name a few.

In 2014, Dulcy and her husband retired from education and moved to Amelia Island.  Dulcy has enjoyed sharing her love of beading with friends and family.  She applied to become an exhibiting artist in the hope that others may purchase and enjoy her jewelry.  While she continues to love doing the beadwork, she can only wear so much jewelry!

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