I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating something! Drawing and painting were my main interests, along with sewing, quilting and many fine needle arts. I received my first set of “real” oil paints from my aunt, who was a porcelain painter, at the age of 13. Art was my major in college, and later accounting for the business world. But art and especially painting was always a priority for my me. Workshops and classes in oils and acrylics with national teachers were important for growth. There were fun times in decorative painting chapters, learning so many different techniques in other mediums and surfaces. Quilting was a passion also, combining the love of color and texture plus the needle works learned from my grandmother. Most recently, pastels have captured my ardent attention.
I wished to be a veterinarian as a youngster, and the love of animals is still prominent in my life and in my art, as nature and animals dominate my artwork. Today I love to paint in oil, acrylic, and pastel plus mixed media with fabric; I am never without a brush or pencil in hand!
My husband, Gerold, is very supportive of my artistic endeavors by creating wooden panels and frames for me and providing excellent photographs for inspiration. I am very happy to have the time now to devote to what I love so much. Gotz2Paint is an excellent declaration of my love of art and the journey I have experienced.

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