With two parents who were self-taught artists, I always thought the gift of art skipped me.  In 2017, when I was in my late 60’s mind you, I started acrylic rock painting to share in the community.  I figured I could paint a rock with a word on it and hide it around town!!  As my designs evolved, I was commissioned to paint wedding rocks on my favorite white stones from Santorini, Greece.

It wasn’t until 2019 that I discovered and fell in love with the art of alcohol inks.  Alcohol inks are fluid and are moved with air, such as a hand blower/puffer, an airbrush, or a compact hairdryer.  I have also conquered the difficult technique of painting with these inks using a paintbrush.  This work would usually be reactivated with alcohol, not water.  However, all my work is sealed with an archival, UV protector.

Linda was born and raised in the New York/New Jersey area and is now an award-winning artist. She has been married to Jim, her high school sweetheart for 51 years.  They moved to Florida in 2014 from the Pittsburgh area and reside in Fernandina Beach.  Linda is the mother of three and a proud grandmother of nine.

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