Logan Pierson is deeply passionate about each image he works with from Photography to his original Digital Art. He is especially fond of creating custom art using a client’s own personal image, yacht, home, and/or family members as part of the cast of characters in his Digital Art piece back-story.

Logan’s talent is found in creatively manipulating his photography with a divergent collection of uniquely compelling figures, scenes, and mythical locations blended with colorful notions that come together like the Boston Pops jamming with Led Zeppelin. Amelia Island Water Taxi and Amelia Island Rodeo Digital Art Series are just two examples of the fantastical juxtaposition deployed in many of his images, both original and custom commissioned artwork.

Logan was an NCAA All American/Top 25 World-Ranked swimmer and competed in the U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Trials. In addition, he was a Captain and an MVP of the Auburn University Swim Team. He enjoyed an almost twenty-year career with $16B JM Family Enterprises/SE Toyota Distributors where he led a $750M sales division and later, as Group Vice President, oversaw all public, governmental, and media relations nation-wide. He also served on the Board of Directors for North American Vehicle Importers, the General Motors Distributor for France and all French Possessions. An entrepreneurial spirit led Logan to eventually leave the large corporate world to found six distinct tech-related start-up ventures. He remains actively involved as COO in Vortexis Energy Solutions (Vortexis.com), a company he founded in 2009 to create patented nano-micro Vertical Axis Wind Turbines.

Reach out to Logan to see how you, your family members, friends, and/or your yacht, home, or even your favorite fantasy automobile can be featured in an original Digital Art piece or creatively placed in one of Logan’s images featured on this website. Contact Logan at 561-400-9981 or info@IslandDigitalArt.com.

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