Art has been always been an important part of my life. Growing up in Baltimore, I attended  Saturday morning drawing classes at the Maryland Institute of Art.  Art classes in all media were readily available in my schools .  I am a graduate of U. of Michigan, majors in Art History & studio work.

 Amelia Island introduced  me to the Jacksonville Watercolor Society, & participation in the many  workshops  offered.  Over the years I have exhibited in the Jacksonville, Georgia & Florida watercolor juried shows.  I joined the IAA in 1989, & served on the Board, various committees,  & helped with summer children’s workshops, still active in the Nouveau Art program. In  2020, I was named “Artist of the Year’’, a very special honor.

The  light on Amelia is perfect for watercolor scenes.  I like to paint the same subject in a series, experimenting  with light & color.  My plant series was developed from observing  a variety of plantings growing  under the oak trees around my house.  Still lifes of fabric or objects  are set up in my studio.  Usually a photo or a sketch help me develop a street scene, & I have numerous sketch books, from travels,  that I periodically refer to for inspiration

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