Sharon Haffey

Sharon Haffey’s artwork is a reflection of her passion for color and finding beauty in the ordinary. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, she currently calls Amelia Island, Florida home.  In between, she has traveled extensively and lived in thirteen  states, developing an appreciation for the scenery unique to each different environment. Painting and creating have always been integral pieces of her life although intensive art studies did not begin until her undergraduate work at Ohio State University and continued at the University of South Carolina where she earned a B.A. in Education followed by an M.A. from the University of West Florida.  In addition to completing intensive coursework at the Spruill Center for the Arts in Atlanta, she has spent two seasons as an Artist in Residence at the Nantucket School of Art and Design exploring more energizing landscape techniques utilizing acrylics and oils.  As a member of the Island Art Association in Fernandina Beach, she exhibits in their 2nd Street gallery and occasionally teaches color workshops at  the Art Education Center.  She can often be found working in her studio upstairs at the Blue Door Gallery at 205 Centre Street.

Her paintings, colorful, bold, and playful, are designed, not to depict a realistic imagine, but a sense of place. Emotion evoked through simplicity and intensity…
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