The art I produce is my attempt to interpret and communicate how I see the world as color and pattern.  This focus has been a constant in my art throughout my life.  The industrial and abstracrted landcapes explore the intersection of the natural environment and manmade structures.  Towering mills, ports and bridges dominate the local landscape rising out of the marsh and riverside, and somehow seem to be an integral part of the ecosystem.  In my paintings these structures dissolve and reappear in abstracted form and pattern.  These paintings may combine pieces of quick sketches, reference photos I have taken, and mental impressions I have kept.  The image is developed on the canvas as I work and is often entirely arising from that process alone.

The botanical work ranges from representational images to complete abstraction.  Some work is entirely abstract and comes from a mental image I have held onto from the garden, while other work is more representational and references photos that I have taken over the years.

Bio:   Susan Henderson is a painter and printmaker living and working on Amelia Island Florida.  Her recent paintings are mainly focused in oils.  Recent prints include works in the reduction linoleum or Moku Hanga printmaking technique.  She has a BFA in Painting, Drawing, and Graphics from The Ohio State University.  She is an exhibiting member of the Island Art Association.   She has exhibited in many local, national, and international shows and her work is included in public and private collections across the United States, Canada and Japan.

Her work and process can be viewed at her blog:


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