Suzanne Batchelor, a New Orleans native, is a contemporary realism artist who has been painting for the past 14 of her 22 years living on Amelia Island. She became a member of the nearby Blue Door Artist Studios in 2008 where she had a studio and gallery until 2020 during COVID prior to exhibiting here at Island Art Association. Her still-life ideas were born from the memories observing light in Dutch cafes in Delft where she lived while attending high school in The Hague. The light there is incredible. It is the light you see in a Vermeer or a Rembrandt painting. “Those memories have stayed with me and found a way into my art today.”

While she loves still life painting, her work includes figurative, animals, and some of the wildlife and landscapes that surround her on Amelia Island. Suzanne studied classical art techniques and veered to contemporary realism with some impressionistic influences depending on the piece.

Suzanne belongs to several professional associations, has received awards for her art, and has collectors in the US, Canada, France, Australia and the United Kingdom. Follow her work at: She can also be reached at

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