Wendy was a creative child involved in activities from dance, theater, music, and art. However, it was evident after a few classes that she had little conventional talent in the visual arts. Crushed by her inability to “draw things right”, she concentrated on music, acting, and in recent years filmmaking.

It was not until she moved to the Florida Keys and took a ceramics course at the Florida Keys Community College in 1998 that she discovered there was more to art than drawing. Working as an apprentice and teaching assistant for artist Jay Gogin she was introduced to the world of 3 dimensions and found her way back to art. Under his guidance she assisted with public installations and teaching classes. With Jay, Wendy had the opportunity to work with artists from all around the world. She met and worked alongside ceramic legends Paul Soldner, Peter Voulkos, Rudy Autio, Peter Callas, Riogi Koie, Robert Piepenburg, and Kathy Coop to name a few. Wendy went on to create her own studio business with Hidden Fire Studio.

Wendy and her husband Kevin spent several years in Nashville, Tennessee but the island life was calling them back to Florida. Wendy found Amelia Island while attending a local film festival. The small town feel with an artistic touch appealed to them both. They bought a home in Yulee and made the move in 2018.

Wendy works primarily in ceramics but also works with stone, glass, metal, wood. and paint. She is honored to be a new exhibitor in the Island Art Association with her ceramic work.

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