Beach Sentries


Printed to 24″ x 16″ archival, giclée print on Canon Satin Photo fine art paper. Conservation mounting to acid-free backboard, so the print can be removed and re-framed in the future if desired. A 2-inch acid-free mat is hinged to the backboard with acid-free framing tape. I install a dustcover on all my work and have them ready to hang. Each piece comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity on the back as a testament to the materials used and to guarantee that your print will not yellow or fade for generations.

Jimmie Stone


Jimmie Stone

Along the shores of Big Talbot Island State Park, just south over Amelia Island, are sun-bleached, bare trunks and limbs of trees that have fallen onto the beach from the hammock. These collections of trees and driftwood provide a focal point and stand out in stark relief with the approaching storm clouds.