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Shrimp Festival Winners

Congratulations, 2024 Shrimp Festival Winners!

Best of Show – Russ and Alison Schmidt


Jeff Thamert – Photography
Cindy Jenkins – Pastels
Kristen Moger – Drawing
Don McCullough – Sculpture
Magali Groves – Wood
Jodi Mosley – Fiber
Adair Hinds – Acrylic Painting
Larry Smith – Oil Painting
Leigh Ellis – Watercolor Painting
Nick Cantrell – Mixed Media
David Sandridge – Glass
Robin Rodgers – Ceramics
Awards of Distinction 
Linda Speed, Jackie Maloney, Erin Davis, Jarred Bishop, Danny O’Driscoll, Carol Winner, Douglas Brandow, Joshua Miller, Henry Walsh, Trish Jones, Jeff Paxton, Nancy Conners, Sibel Alpasian, Robert Clibbon, Robin Aronson, Frank Lesse, Katie Kendenburg, Kelly Rysavy, Jenna Hirt

Another successful Shrimp Festival Art Show is behind us thanks to the efforts of the members of Island Art Association and other volunteers.