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Support the Arts

Who are we?

The IAA, established in 1972, is a volunteer, non-profit organization to support art and artists in Nassau County. Our two major projects are maintaining our Art Gallery/Education Center and managing the arts and crafts portion of the annual Shrimp Festival

What we Do Within the Gallery

• Create, Display & sell our art
• Jury various exhibits
• Open all year
• Provide studio space

Within the Community:

• Award college scholarships
• Create exhibits at local venues
• Entertain Elder Hostels in cooperation with the museum
• Give public art demonstrations
• Offer classes and workshops
• Provide art supplies to public schools
• Provide free classes for Council on Aging
• Teach free children’s programs

Benefits of Membership:

• Artistic mentoring
• Creative environment
• Education
• Monthly newsletter
• Possible exhibiting membership status
• 60 day Art Buddy program
• Workshops

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