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Support the Arts

Who are we?

The IAA, established in 1972, is a volunteer, non-profit organization whose mission to support the arts and artists in Nassau County. Our major projects include the Art Gallery where the work of 50 local artists are on exhibit and for sale and the Art Education Center where programs and classes are offered. Each May, the Island Art Association hosts the arts and crafts portion of the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival.

What we Do Within the Gallery

• Create, Display & sell our art
• Jury various exhibits
• Remain open all year
• Provide studio space

Within the Community:

• Award college scholarships
• Create exhibits at local venues
• Entertain Elder Hostels in cooperation with the museum
• Give public art demonstrations
• Offer classes and workshops
• Provide art supplies to public schools
• Provide free classes for Council on Aging
• Teach free children’s programs

Benefits of Membership:

• Artistic mentoring
• Creative environment
• Education
• Monthly newsletter
• Possible exhibiting membership status
• 60 day Art Buddy program
• Workshops

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